e Life Settlement: An Ethical Life Settlement Company

Thinking, Sell My Life Insurance?

Have you ever thought or imagined, "I wish I could sell my life insurance policy to a third party for a a large payment of cash? Also, if you choose to move forward, you will not have to be held liable for the costly premiums that are associated with the life insurance plan. This can certainly serve as a rescuer for a person in retirement, to be flooded with currency, and also to cut a large policy out of the budget.

This may sound difficult, to sell your life insurance policy, but it is simpler than you can think. Well this is because little work to complete from you. If you imagine, I should sell my life insurance policy for cash, then your next step should be to reach out to a state licensed life settlement company, that will guide you through each step of the way, until completion. There is good news, in the sense that the only thing you are responsible for is to finalize the signature on the necessary documents to allow the company to ask for offers from the institutional buyers.

Most of the time, the buyers of these policies are a hedge fund, recent reports indicate a life settlement provides up to 8x more than cash surrender value. If you own a term life insurance policy that you are hoping to get rid of, if allowable, the purchaser will convert the temporary life insurance into, universal life so even though you have $0.00 cash value. Everything should look perfect regarding selling your policy for a lump sum, however you might think, I don't have the cash to begin this life insurance settlement process. Actually, you shouldn't have to pay any cash up front when you use an ethical life settlement company, most do not charge any funds up front, however, only if you take an offer. Now that you are aware there is no cash down if you are approved for a life insurance settlement,reach out to a life settlement company that will assist you to sell your life insurance policy for a lump sum today!


We begun with just one employee. After we realized the need for an ethical life settlement firm, we have registered with the Better Business Bureau, and have never received one complaint from any client. We feel this shows our ability to interact with our clients, and more importantly, set expectations clearly and deliver on those expectations.


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